Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2013 Multi-stake Youth Conference, Tainan

All the stakes and the district in the Taiwan Taichung Mission participated in a multi-stake Youth Conference, held at a Youth Activity Center in the mountains above Tainan. The conference focused on the Church's pioneer heritage, and the youth pulled handcarts the first day to commemorate the saints' trek west to establish the Salt Lake Valley. On the last evening of the conference, about 40 missionaries were invited to participate with the youth. They were bussed from Tainan up to the Youth Activity Center, and invited to have dinner with the youth and conduct the evening's activities.

The activities focused on the Book of Mormon and missionary work.

 Our APs conducted the activities:

Over 400 youth participated!

 First a demonstration of our Dan Jones experience by one of our boldest elders...

 Followed by a bold sister missionary....

Next the most courageous of the youth came forward...

Afterwards, the youth were divided into teams of about 20 each for some competitive fun!
For example, which team can out perform a Taichung missionary in pushups?
Not a one was able to beat 107 pushups in 60 seconds!

A singing contest: I am a Child of God, one word at a time...

A youth prepared to assist our missionary in placing a Book of Mormon...

At the end, the youth wrote their testimonies inside a Book of Mormon
and were invited to present them to a friend.

Pres. Blickenstaff invited one of our newest missionaries to bear his testimony. He was bold as well!

After a wonderful night, our missionaries departed on the bus:

We love them!

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