Thursday, June 30, 2016

6-30-16 Welcome to the Taiwan Taichung Mission - The Greatest Mission in the Entire World!!!

Presenting President Michael and Sister Grace Teh!
The missionaries had a surprise welcome for them!

 Singing Happy Birthday to this zone leader!
 Having lunch with the Taichung South stake president and President Blickenstaff's mission counselors:
Handing over the keys and phone:
Release of President Blickenstaff's mission presidency:
The Taichung Mission is so blessed to have such a wonderful Mission President and Wife to lead them!

6-30-16 New Senior Couple Arrival

When it rains, it pours! In March we had zero senior couples. This is our second senior couple to arrive in June, and we have two more coming (September and October) for a total of five senior couples, 250% of our mission complement!

6-30-16 Farewell at the Mission Home

This time our traditional farewell luncheon for missionaries serving in the office 
(usually to return to serving in the field), was held for yours truly!
 Our beloved housekeeper extraordinaire giving me one last hug:
 We will miss her SO much, she has dedicated her heart and soul to the Taichung mission:
 One last goodbye pic with our APs:
 Another beloved convert come to say goodbye:

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

2016 Summer Visitors

June 28 , from Australia!
 June 28
 June 26, from Canada!
June 19
 June 15
June 15
June 13
We are so grateful for this brother as our Chinese tutor prior to entering the mission field! 
Just before we departed for Taiwan, he and his lovely bride were sealed in the temple. 
On his second visit to us in Taiwan, he brought his entire family!
June 8

Monday, June 27, 2016

6-29-16 Departing Missionaries

Last supper at the mission home:

 Evening fireside to talk about post mission goals...
and share parting testimonies:
 Closing with the mission song:

Next morning bus ride to the Taipei Temple:
 Her mother had a last minute trip to Taiwan, arrived yesterday, and snuck up on her!
 Hard to hold back the tears:)
 What a beautiful group!
 Wonderful to see mother again!
 And friends to embrace:

Fulfilling a promise to her mom!
 So many returned missionaries!
 Family coming to tour Taiwan with their returned missionary:
 Father joins his returned missionary later:

 This returned missionary has been blessed to see her mother several times on temple days:
 Mother welcoming home her second Taiwan Taichung returned missionary!
 More returned missionaries!
 Mother of two of our current missionaries (elder & sister) with her daughter's last companion:
 Having lunch together before the sightseeing begins:

 This young Taipei missionary's father was one of President's companions 40 years ago!