Monday, June 27, 2016

6-29-16 Departing Missionaries

Last supper at the mission home:

 Evening fireside to talk about post mission goals...
and share parting testimonies:
 Closing with the mission song:

Next morning bus ride to the Taipei Temple:
 Her mother had a last minute trip to Taiwan, arrived yesterday, and snuck up on her!
 Hard to hold back the tears:)
 What a beautiful group!
 Wonderful to see mother again!
 And friends to embrace:

Fulfilling a promise to her mom!
 So many returned missionaries!
 Family coming to tour Taiwan with their returned missionary:
 Father joins his returned missionary later:

 This returned missionary has been blessed to see her mother several times on temple days:
 Mother welcoming home her second Taiwan Taichung returned missionary!
 More returned missionaries!
 Mother of two of our current missionaries (elder & sister) with her daughter's last companion:
 Having lunch together before the sightseeing begins:

 This young Taipei missionary's father was one of President's companions 40 years ago!


  1. Thank you for all of your hard work, your dedication, your love, your example, your kindness, your positive attitude, your mission blog, your love of the gospel, your love of our Savior, your example of love toward each other as a couple, your humor, your sacrifice of time/family/financial and personal to serve the Lord and our sons and daughters. I have appreciated all that you have done. Thank you

  2. Sister Blickenstaff, thanks your service,感謝妳每次對救恩計畫分享強而有力的見證,真的幫助我很多,謝謝妳,love you so much

    1. 在台灣傳教是我們的榮幸!妳是哪一支會的成員?