Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12-2014 White Christmas

Even though there was no snow fall in December in the Taichung Mission,
it was as white a Christmas season as ever!

December 28, Zhanghua 1
 December 27, Shizhong
 December 27, Shizhong
 December 27, Fengjia
 December 27, Tanzi
December 25, Daya
December 25, Taiping
December 25, Puli Branch
 December 26, the Puli ward mission leader receiving his endowment:
December 20, Xinying
 December 20, Jiayi
December 20, Zhongming/Nantun Wards
December 19, Shizhong
 December 18, Magong
December 13, Taibao
 December 13, Taibao
 December 13, Taibao
 December 13, Wufeng
 December 13, Daliao
December 12, Nantun
 December 12, Taiping
December 12, Families are Forever!
December 6, Qishan
Through faith, diligence, and miracles, the Lord did His work. 
Over 60 souls came unto Christ and entered the waters of baptism in December!

12-31-14 Taipei Temple Trip

What a wonderful way to end the year, at the Taipei Temple!
Taichung North Zone, Taichung Beiqu and Nantun Districts 
Always makes us so happy to find returned Taichung missionaries attending the temple!
 As well, new converts! These two brethren are staying in Taipei for four days to perform baptisms for the dead in the temple through Saturday!
President had the privilege of setting apart this new missionary couple, who enter the Philippines MTC tomorrow in preparation for their 12-month service in the Taiwan Taipei Mission. Elder and Sister Hsieh are from Penghu, where President Hsieh had just been released after serving many years as the Makong Branch President. We are so happy for them to be full-time missionaries! We only wish they were serving in our mission!

12-20-2014 Taichung Christmas Activity

Generosity of a ward member bringing dinner to the elders before the Christmas Activity:
 President welcoming members and friends:
 Cozy Christmas corner of the cultural hall set the stage for an evening of ward/branch performances:
 Dongying Ward:
 Wuchuan 2nd (English) Branch:
 Having the most fun was the YSA Branch, enacting "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry:
 Taiping Ward:
 Wuchuan First Ward:
 The most entertaining of all was Nantun Ward's "Scrooge" by Charles Dickens:
Ebenezer Scrooge on the right with the mustache, picking up Tiny Tim:
 Bob Cratchit and family, complete with holiday turkey.
 Scrooge handing out candy to the children:
 Can you spot the Ghost of Christmas Future?
A Merry Christmas from the Taichung Stake President, with gifts to each family in the stake!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12-20-2014 Jiayi Christmas Activity

The Jiayi District worked with local agencies to provide services for underprivileged citizens.
Wise men and shepherd greeting visitors at the door:
Free blood pressure testing:
72-hour Kit Emergency Preparation display:
Family History:
Free Haircuts:
More wise men and shepherds:
Lift services to the second floor:
Beautiful nativity scenery:
The program was well attended:
Welcoming MC's
"O Holy Night," talented flutist and pianist:
Christmas medley:

"I Heard the Bells"
"Stars Were Gleaming"
The First Noel:

Jiayi District missionary nativity cast:
Christmas feast:

My Favorite, Red Bean Soup and Mochi!
A Christmas activity wouldn't be complete without a visit from Santa...
bringing gifts...
and candy:)
This good brother purchased a Santa suit in America and brought it to Taiwan to don every Christmas!