Friday, December 5, 2014

12-2014 Alishan Single Adult Conference

The Jiayi District hosted a Single Adult Conference in Alishan, never to be forgotten!
We were warmly greeted at the lodge:
President introducing our daughter at the Friday evening activity. Lots of fun and games were in store!
Ring toss for prizes:
Stand the bottle up…I was on a roll!
Watermelon race:

Saturday morning, boarding the train before sunrise:
This morning, sunrise was scheduled for 6:50am.

It was magnificent!
Train station break:
Warming up with hot chocolate:
Train ride to see the famous Taiwan Red Cypress forest:

Can you find the elephant's trunk in the famous tree? 
Hint: the elephant's eye is top center, with the trunk extending to the left lower corner of the photo.
Three Generation Tree
The original tree roots on the ground stem from the tree's first generation of 1500 years age. After withering for about 250 years, seeds drew nutrients front the withered roots and grew into a second generation tree. After another 300 years, the second generation tree stem became hollow. Despite this, the roots still revived into a third generation tree! 
The highest elevation elementary school in Taiwan:

Taiwan Red Cypress, about 2000 years old:
About 1900 years old:

Shoujhen Temple
Taiwan Single Adults:
Alishan's famous Love Tree:

The Sister Ponds: Elder Sister
Younger Sister:

Saturday night dance:

Young Adults support the activity by hosting:
And serving:
First time back to dancing in about 18 months!

Christmas photo op:
Jiayi District President's family and friends:

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