Tuesday, June 30, 2015

6-30-15 Departing Missionaries

We had a more intimate farewell for these two missionaries going home:
 We will miss them both!

6-30-15 Zone Training Meeting - Tainan

District Leader presenting his district's efforts for the week:
 Zone leaders emphasize the Taichung Mission vision, goals, and plans:
 Sister training leader instructs on sharing the importance of families while contacting:
 Zone leaders demonstrate contacting:
 Zone members practicing:

President takes a few minutes to instruct on the importance of working with members:
Zone leaders conclude with an awesome video focused on the Savior:
 We were encouraged to set goals, make plans, and work hard, keeping Christ's Atonement in our minds.
Great things are happening in Tainan!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

6-25-15 Mission Leadership Council

Welcoming new mission leaders to the council:
 Zone leaders invite Sis. Chao to participate in a skit:
 Sister Training Leaders present miracle stories with their companions:
 President instructs and councils with our mission leaders:
 Lunch at the mission home:
 It's Thai time!

 AP instruction:
 Impromptu role-play:

 Practicing finding:

 Our June mission leaders, and then some:)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

6-23-15 District Training Meeting - Wuquan Chapel

We attended the DTM of the Beitun District: Extending Baptismal Invitations
 Making plans to extend a baptismal invitation to a current investigator:

 Practicing that invitation:
 The Beitun District:
 Wuquan 1 District:

 Dakeng District:

6-2015 Taipei Temple Trips

Taizhong West and Zhongxing Zones on 6-10-15:
 Perhaps our last goodbye to President and Sister Day before their release at the end of the month:(
We will miss them dearly!
We will also dearly miss this couple from Singapore who have been serving as coordinators in the Taipei Temple the past two years while we have been in Taichung. This good brother served as an Area Seventy over our Asia Area for 11 years, as well as patriarch of the Singapore stake. And supporting him every step of the way was his beautiful, charitable wife!
 Back two weeks later on 6-24-15 with the Taichung East and South Zones:
 SO wonderful to see our returned missionaries. Several are temple workers. This good brother has been serving for six months already and conducted our session, his first time today!
 Seeing old friends from college days:
 Very last hug while serving in Taiwan from Taipei Mission President's Wife:
 MTC companions, now serving in two different missions, Taichung and Taipei, get a quick hug!
 Our beautiful sisters:
 Bus ride home: