Tuesday, June 2, 2015

6-2-15 Gaoxiong West Zone Training Meeting - Celebrating 14 Baptisms!

The Gaoxiong West Zone celebrated meeting their May goal of 14 baptisms with a pizza lunch!
Zone leaders preparing for a special activity:
Zone leaders conducting:
District leader presenting their district achievements:
Zone leader commending their members and setting goals for June:
Zone leaders introducing the district unity activity:
Companionships must work together to transfer red beans from one bowl to another:

Then race to build the highest tower...
…out of straws and tape!
Getting the structure to stand:
The winner!
First to write out the mission vision, goals, and plans:
Oh yeah, got it down!
Feeding your companion a banana blind-folded:
And the winner!
Creating a mummy out of your companion:
…without letting the toilet paper tear...
…getting through three rolls of TP...
…and covering your companion from head to toe...

Can you tell who the winning mummy is?!
Instructing on principles from PMG and focusing on contacting families:
A demonstration and evaluation:
Practicing next:

Creating plans to help recent converts stay active in the Church:

Closing remarks by President:
Ending with the mission song:

The Gaoxiong West Zone:

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