Wednesday, June 3, 2015

6-3-14 and 6-4-15 New Arriving Missionaries!

Only one of our seven missionaries arrived as anticipated on Wednesday:
 Our remaining six missionaries didn't land until Thursday morning due to flight delays:(
But we are grateful that they are finally here!
Making introductions on the bus ride home:

Getting to know a little about their families, interests, etc.
Jumping right into training! President sharing the Taiwan Taichung Mission vision and goals:
Sisters are so excited to meet their former MTC companion at the chapel!
Mission secretaries conducting orientation:
Breaking for lunch at the mission home:

Afternoon orientation: Culture Training by the Assistants:
Training on contacting skills:
Practicing street contacting:

Their first contacting experience: on the way to dinner! 
One sister was able to invite someone to meet with the missionaries:)
Chinese banquet dinner, and learning about historic missionary Elder Dan Jones:
Duck Brain Challenge takers:

Fish eyeballs don't scare off sisters!

Jack-o-lantern fish?
Evaluating their Dan Jones experience later that night:

To bed early and up early for the mile run:
On your mark, get set, GO!
Buddha Claps to 100!
President addressing the trainers before the new missionaries join together:
 After Meet the Trainers meeting, having lunch with their new trainers:
 Mango curry pasta or rice:
 And pepperoni pizza!
 Our newest missionaries with their trainers:

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