Thursday, December 31, 2015

12-2015 White Christmas in Taiwan!

Chia Yi 1 Branch
 Yuanshan Ward
 Dongfeng Branch
 Dongfeng Branch
 Dongfeng Branch
 Nanzi Ward
 Yuanlin 2 Ward
 Yuanlin 2 Ward
 Yuanlin 2 Ward
 Yongkang 1 Ward
 Yongkang 1 Ward
 Nantou Ward
 Family Sealing (center), Chia Yi 1 Branch
Family Sealing, Puli Branch

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

12-29-15 New Arriving Missionaries!

They've arrived!
 Our Taiwanese sisters with their MTC translator:)
Welcoming them to the mission on the bus ride to Taichung:
 We give them each a few minutes to tell us a little about themselves: their family, something unique about themselves, and what their expectations are for their mission.
Up early for calisthenics: Buddha Claps!
Jumping jacks:
 Amah slaps:
 Heading back for a nice warm shower!
 Breakfast at the mission home:
 Oil sticks & soybean milk:
 Lots of Taiwan seasonal fruit:
 President introduces the mission vision, goals and plans:
 Teaching through the scriptures:
 Break for lunch:

 AP training on Taiwanese culture...
 and contacting skills:
 Missionaries practice contacting:

 Dinner before our Dan Jones activity:

 Duck brain takers:

 Our MLS senior couple is up north filling in for our new office couple,
who we were expecting to arrive in January but is facing visa delays:(
And here come the fish eyes:

 Reviewing their first night of contacting in a night market:
 Each new missionary experienced 1) not being understood, 2) not understanding others,
3) not knowing what to say, and 4) being rejected. But guess what? They courageously survived!
 Stretching for a morning run:
 On your mark, get set...
Lunch with their trainers:

 Our newest Taiwan Taichung missionaries!