Saturday, December 19, 2015

12-19-15 Taichung Christmas Activity

It was great to see our members and missionaries together at the Christmas Activity 
sponsored by Taichung City! We were delighted to find our recent convert there:
 Our daughter, here for Christmas from Utah, was able to meet our returned missionary from Korea,
who came back to Taiwan to visit with her sister! They enjoyed conversing in Korean:)
 And a sister she met when she was here last Christmas:
 The activity was held at a bustling outdoor strip mall:
 The street was blocked off and a stage and chairs set up:
 President surprised everyone (including the missionaries) by singing the solo intro to White Christmas:
 The missionaries sounded SO great, even though the recent transfer from our missionaries departing depleted half the choir! The new missionaries moving into the area did a fantastic job learning the songs:)

 They all congratulated President, who by the way has a beautiful voice! 
Having soloed White Christmas in high school, he has been prepared for decades to perform at this event:)
 Missionaries return to the stage for Jingle Bells...
 and We Wish You a Merry Christmas:
 Even though our pianist was transferred to another area, she fortunately still serves within Taichung!
 I was so proud of our missionaries and grateful for the many times they practiced, 
that they each got some fresh baked molasses cookies!
 A member of the stake presidency makes introductions, and lets the audience understand why President has returned to Taiwan for the second time in his life:
 He gives us each time to share a few thoughts:
 Including my mother, who shared how she left mainland China and came to Taiwan over 60 years ago:
 The Taichung East Stake members performed many special musical numbers and a nativity program:
 Their talented choir director:
 And talented choir, including members from both the Taichung East and South stakes:
 Here come the shepherds...
 gathering around baby Jesus:
 And the wise men...
as foretold by angels...
and recorded by prophets in the Book of Mormon:
 Our missionaries join the choir in singing Silent Night:

 Government officials express their gratitude to our church:
 And graciously shake hands with our missionaries:
A wonderful spirit of Christmas was felt!

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