Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Taiwan Taichung Returned Missionary Temple Sealing

One of the greatest joys of serving a mission is witnessing families being sealed. 
And when it's one of your children, it's the best! This elder was President's former assistant. 
His wife served a mission in Temple Square.
Such family happiness!
We were able to enjoy this occasion with many of our former missionaries:
The Taichung West Stake President with wife and grandson: 
multi-generation gospel-centered families!
One of our Area Seventies:
More returned missionaries! 
President offers a few words in behalf of the groom at the church reception afterwards.
So excited to meet this sister who will be entering the Philippines MTC this week
 and starting in our mission at the end of the month!
Love to see our missionaries entering the dating scene!
We love seeing missionaries released just a month ago as much as those released over a year ago!
Oh how we miss this couple who served so diligently and accomplished so much while they were in the office!
Too much fun!
And what a pleasure for President to reunite with former Taipei Mission companions!
And always a special treat to see the parents of our missionaries:)

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