Sunday, December 20, 2015

12-20-15 Kaohsiung Historic Stake Creation

It was a historic Sabbath for the saints in Kaohsiung! The Kaohsiung East and West stake members met together, with Elder Sam C. Wong presiding, assisted by Area Seventy Elder Kuan, to establish a third stake. The meeting was conducted in the Kaohsiung East Stake Center and broadcast to both the Kaohsiung West Stake Center in Shizhong and the Pingtung Chapel. 
The new Kaohsiung North Stake Presidency was called to preside over the Sanmin, Zuoying, Qishan, Nanzi and Gangshan wards:
The new Pinging Stake Presidency will preside over the Pingtung, Fengshan, Daliao, Yuanshan, Chaozhou and Donggang wards, as well as the Hengchun branch.
The Kaohsiung West Stake Presidency will continue to preside over the Qianzhen, Xiaogang, Shizhong, Lingya, and Cuihua wards.
President was asked to bear a short testimony. When he was called to serving in the Taipei Mission almost 40 years ago, the first stake in Taiwan had recently been established. When he came back 35 years later to serve as mission president, there were 11 stakes. This historic creation of a third stake in Kaohsiung marks the 16th stake in Taiwan. In 2016, the Church will celebrate 60 years of missionary work in Taiwan. It is so exciting to be serving here when the stakes of Zion are growing at an exponential rate!
This talented brother on the left captioned the Mormon Message "Lift" 
for me to share with several members:

After the meetings, the Schwieders invited us to their cozy apartment for lunch. They even packed a box lunch for President, who had interviews to conduct at the chapel.
That evening we enjoyed a lovely dinner at the home of President's first counselor.
Another multi-generational gospel-centered family!

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