Sunday, June 21, 2015

6-2015 Touring Taiwan with Family - Taichung's National Art Museum, Nantun's Rainbow Village, Gaomei Wetlands of Qingshui, Fengjia Night Market, Fo Guang Shan, Hengchun/Kenting

First stop: National Taiwan Museum of Art, Taichung
To see this special exhibition by Kusama Yayoi:

Next Rainbow Village, Nantun:

Our son spent at least three nights in Fengjia Night Market:
Cotton Candy for our daughter-in-law Jacky (disappeared within 5 minutes):
Gold Leg Chicken:
Soft shell crab!
Grilled scallops:
Devil Chicken Steak...see what the guy is pulling out of the fryer?
The juiciest fried chicken breast ever!
 Korean wings & ramen:

Mango ice, chocolate and lychee sorbets at Ice Queen:
Gaomei Wetlands in Qingshui:
At sunset:
It was graduation day for many Taiwanese students. Several were seen wearing their gowns that night!
Our recent convert (and tour guide) will graduate from college at the end of this month in Shalu:
Celebrating a birthday for our Operations Manager, and our son's belated 29th birthday: 
Fo Guang Shan at sunset:

Kenting National Forest Recreation Area (southern tip of Taiwan):
Hanging Banyan trees:

This snake was about 8 ft. long and about 4" thick through the middle!
It slithered into the woods and found a mate to dance with…can you see them?
Bambi! The wildlife was plentiful…we also saw a family of Formosan Macaques.
This praying mantis was about 6" long!
From the observatory:
The Silver Dragon Cave (one of three caves on the trail):
Kenting Beach at sunset:
Kenting the next morning:
Hiking to Qikong Waterfalls (七孔瀑布) Hengchun
Steep trails with ropes:

An Aloha peanut butter burger really hit the spot after our hike! 
Homemade watermelon milk ice cream was the perfect dessert!
Night market at Kenting:
Loaded baked potatoes:
Shaved peanut brittle, one scoop of chocolate plus one scoop of vanilla ice cream, & fresh cilantro…
 all rolled up into a spring roll wrapper!
This was President's favorite treat of the night:
Flavor of the month at 7-Eleven: Green Apple ice cream.
Don't be fooled by the picture, read the characters!
Slurpee of the month: Honeydew!
By far the best part of Hengchun…our great missionaries! It was SO fabulous to see them!!!

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  1. Thank yo so much for sharing your son's birthday with Elder Faddis! He said the cake was delicious! He loved it.!