Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What to Do When Your Daughter Comes to Visit Taiwan?

Gotta look for monkeys at Ershui! We were sorely disappointed not to see any at all, for a good 30 minutes through the park, until we just about gave up and...
 …we were not disappointed!

 Our Makong elders' flight back to the Penghu Islands wasn't until that afternoon, so we convinced them to come with us. I was grateful they got to see a few of the Formosan Macaques!

 Taking a walk in the Dakeng Scenic area always lends a nice view overlooking Taichung:
 Of course we wanted Caitlin to meet as many of our recent converts as she could:
 Hitting it off:)
 Look at Sis. L's beautiful teeth!

 And trying to hit a few of our favorite places to eat:
La Salsa, Fengshan
 Thefreen Burger, Taichung
Amazing fresh waffles with chocolate and bananas at the night market:
 You didn't fully enjoy them unless you have chocolate all over your face to prove it!
President's most favorite hole-in-the-wall place in Taiwan:
 Well, if your daughter returns from Korea, we have to find some authentic Korean cuisine!
Of course, she did the ordering!
 The Kalbi stew was to die for!

After Alishan and Fo Guang Shan, we still had to go back to Sun Moon Lake.
It was the most gorgeous we'd seen yet:

 Panorama, thanks to the iPhone 6 Plus:
(the front of our yellow gondola is on the left, the rear is on the right)
The Wenwu Temple at night. 
The temple was the backdrop for our mission Christmas photo in 2013. There was such heavy fog the day of last year's Christmas activity that we not see the lake at all, even though it was just across the street!
 Something to share! 
The fine print is the real reason we bought matching shirts!
The Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei:

 Guard change:
 And lastly, a trip to Taiwan would not be complete without the Taipei Temple!
 President had to say his goodbyes at the Taoyuan International Airport:
 Another 18 months…it will all go by too fast!

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