Thursday, June 9, 2016

6-9-16 Jiayi Zone Conference - Zhongxing, Jiayi, and Tainan Zones

This last set of zone conferences were heart rendering to us both. Singing the opening hymn "Called to Serve" with our missionaries one last time was so moving!
Trainers introduced our newest missionaries to the zone:
President followed with an inspiring discussion on "Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary" by Elder David A. Bednar:
Afterwards, the missionaries received Heath, Safety, and Personal Grooming training by yours truly:
Assistants conducted helpful training on the Role of the Book of Mormon in helping others come unto Christ. Volunteers build an arch with the Book of Mormon as the keystone of our religion:

What happens when the keystone is knocked out? 
The arch crumbles, as does the restored gospel without the powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon!
Zhongxing zone leaders follow up leading a discussion with their zone members:

Tainan zone leaders with their zone members:

Jiayi zone leaders with their zone members:

Lunch break!

Happy Birthday to missionaries celebrating in June, July and August!
Assistants, with the help of our talented Operations Manager,
presented a training video on Effective Planning!

Translation provided by our Mission Recorder:
Assistants train from PMG Chapter 8: Use Time Wisely: 
After which missionaries practice applying planning skills from PMG: 

A beautiful medley of "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" and "Teach Me to Walk in the Light" was performed by members of the Nantou, Puli and Yuanlin Districts.
After President's instruction on worthiness, obedience and diligence, 
our departing missionaries shared their reflections:
After we shared our own departing reflections, we appropriately closed with the mission song:

What a blessing it was to meet with the Zhongxing, Jiayi, and Tainan zones!
District leader meeting:

Sister Training Leader meeting:

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