Wednesday, June 22, 2016

6-22-16 New Arriving Missionaries!

They're here, safe 'n sound and excited!
Sweet new welcome sign at Taoyuan International Airport!
Bus ride home to Taichung:
 Assistant sharing a 有辦法 story!
 A beautiful clear day the next morning:
 On your mark, get set...
 Some Buddha Claps after finishing the mile run:
Two more visa waiting Taiwanese missionaries join us! 
On the left, called to serve in Minnesota, is the younger brother of a former Taichung missionary:)
On the right, called to serve in Oregon!
 Time for breakfast at the mission home:
Summer fruit season, bring it on!
 This new missionary knows my daughter from BYU's SOAR program!
President shares the Mission Vision, Goals and Plans with our new missionaries. 
Sorry this is so blurry!
The missionaries get an introduction to our family as well as a presentation on Health and Safety:
An early Happy Birthday prize: drink at least 2-3 big bottles a day during the summer season!
APs present training on Taiwanese culture, planning, and contacting: 
Followed by a demonstration of a street contact:
Now our new missionaries get to practice!

Teaching doctrine:

Getting a commitment:
Contacting on the way to dinner works up an appetite!
Fish eyeball challenge takers!
I'm here to tell you he did not like it!
This elder wasn't too sure about the duck brain challenge:
We're going to miss these friendly ladies that we visit every six weeks!
The forecast was 100% rain at 5:00pm. But it rained early around 4:00pm and then cleared up for our 
Dan Jones Experience!
We had a miracle on this new sister's first, and my last, Dan Jones Experience:)
We were getting rejection after rejection. So we decided to pray. Afterwards, we asked our new missionary who she wanted to contact and she chose two young girls sitting on a bench. After introducing our new missionary to them, we found out that they were both Christian! Our new missionary shared boldly that she was here in Taiwan to testify that Jesus Christ was Our Savior. Both girls were about to graduate from high school and expressed interest in learning more!
Reviewing the evening's challenges and successes:
Overcoming rejection...
and building confidence.
After a good night's rest, up early again.
Stairs, shade or no shade, are killer!
Another beautiful morning in Taichung!
What their faces don't tell is that...
their quads are burning!
After meeting their trainers, lunch!
What's that nasty stuff our Australian is so crazy about...VEGEMITE?
Excited for the next twelve weeks with awesome trainers!
Closing with the mission song:

This is what I get for playing the piano?
Our newest missionaries are off to their first area!

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