Saturday, October 26, 2013

10-26-13 Preparation Day Trip to Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is a little over an hour east of the mission home. As we got off the freeway, we spotted a car in trouble on the offramp. Before I could even assess the situation, the elders identified it as an opportunity to serve!

 More importantly, an opportunity to share the gospel! 
This family had come from Taichung to visit Sun Moon Lake as well!
 Aborigine dancers:
 Boarding the yacht to Xuanguang Temple:

 Xuanguang Temple

View from the temple:
This stone is dedicated to weary travelers who reach their destination only after trials and tribulation.
 In memory of a monk who traveled all the way to India in order to bring back scriptures.
 It was such a beautiful day. Goodbye, after a wonderful trip! 
 We'll have to visit Ci'en Pagoda next time!

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  1. The life you have led has led you to lead all these young adults in such an admirable way! So happy for you!