Sunday, October 26, 2014

So Many Friends at the Taipei Temple!

What can be better than two trips in one month to the Taipei Temple with your missionaries?
A third trip meeting your friends!

Our good family friend from Camarillo, California takes a tour of the temple grounds given by the Taipei sister missionaries. His daughter is currently serving a mission in North Carolina!
 Spending the night at temple housing, we met these lovely sisters on their last night in the mission field. Recognized one immediately as the older sister of one of our Taichung sister missionaries!!!
 Then attended a session with this recent convert who was there in preparation for her mission to London, England. She was escorted by another returned sister missionary from the Taichung mission and accompanied by the elder that baptized her a year ago (who is still serving in the mission)!
 More returned missionaries from the Taichung mission:
 Members from Makong and Kinmen fly by plane to attend the temple:
 These two sisters, accompanied by their family members, will be returning home after serving faithfully in the Taipei mission. President had the honor of releasing them.

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