Friday, January 23, 2015

Shrimp Fishing P-Day!

One of our native Taiwanese sister missionaries told me she had fond memories of her father taking her shrimp fishing when she was a little girl. In Taiwan, you can go shrimp fishing 24 hours a day, so the office decided to take a P-day and make our own memories, never to be forgotten!
 First one to pull a shrimp out of the water!
President sat on my left and caught two. The guy on my right caught at least a half a dozen. 
I was the only one in our group not to catch any:(
 One of three!
 A broken ankle didn't keep this elder from catching shrimp. What was my problem?
 One of two:
 Too much fun!
 Now to rinse the live shrimp in water and coat in salt:
 Skewer them. Ouch, pain in the butt...
 A few minutes on the grill:
 Fresh off the BBQ!
I was grateful President shared his catch with me, because it was the BEST shrimp I'd EVER TASTED!!!

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