Sunday, April 2, 2017

4-2017 General Conference

This RM didn't make it to our reunion because his sweet bride wasn't feeling well. 
They were so sweet to offer us their general conference tickets for Saturday afternoon:)
We were happy to be able to see them both! 
He made the comment he hadn't seen President in two years. 
I thought, there's no way it's been that long. Then I remembered...
I saw him when I came home for my daughter's wedding a little over a year ago!
Our sister missionary singing inspiring hymns on Temple Square for two straight hours 
prior to the start of conference:

And singing elders too...what's the one on the right missing from last night?!

We met Elder and Sister Woo from Singapore:
More singing missionaries after conference:
It was such an amazingly gorgeous day!
Taking in Priesthood Session together at a local stake center:
While my son-in-law attended in the Conference Center and met 
Elders Guan and newly called Elder Chang:
Congratulations Elder Chang! We are so happy for you!
Preparing for Sunday morning session with my granddaughter Jasmine!
Favorites...breakfast casserole and orange rolls!
Seriously, these rolls my daughter made were the best sweet rolls I had ever tasted in my LIFE!!!
More beloved visitors after conference!
And what a fun surprise to run into another awesome missionary at the airport on our way home!

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