Monday, July 10, 2017

7-2017 Wedding Season is in Full Swing!

A chance to come up to Utah for a wedding is a chance to see so many of our missionaries!
His parents living in China, this returned missionary runs their Asian Market in Provo where my daughter shops! They are soon to expand to a second store in Orem:)
Get everything you need to satisfy your Asian palate...
and don't forget the Pocky sticks and Melona bars!
Next stop...BYU Bookstore for some Creamery ice cream! Graham Canyon is my fav, while President's is Mint Brownie and Coconut Joy:)
We LOVE drop-by visits by our missionaries! 
This couple will be on their way to their new jobs in Arkansas before the end of the month...we'll miss you!
Our favorite flag in the Tanner Building!
Had to check out our daughter's second home...
...the biochemistry lab where she's working on her masters in Exercise Science!
A mission is such a unique time in one's life, having sacrificed so much, worked so diligently, and endured so faithfully in the work of salvation. To have that in common with your husband or wife can only add to a couple's eternal perspective and perpetual bliss!
The wedding party:
The bride's recent convert flew all the way over from Pingdong, Taiwan!
I was in South Carolina at my nephew's wedding with the couple on the right were married in San Diego!
I haven't seen this couple since they were married last summer!
Companions together:)
Just returned this year...can you tell which one came home only a few days ago?!
Saturday morning, I accompanied my daughter to Park City where she met a high school friend for breakfast. I was surprised when a couple approached me and asked if I was "Sister Blickenstaff". She recognized me from the blog! I was so very grateful to finally meet the parents of late Elder David Hampton's only companion. He was a wonderful trainer and a solid rock during his mission's greatest trial.
Later that afternoon at Hokulia's Shave Ice in Provo:
Saturday evening we celebrated a belated birthday for my brother...whom many of you know as a counselor in the Provo YSA 1st Stake presidency over the Asian wards!
After dinner President insisted on going back to the Creamery a second time for his all-time favorite: chocolate banana shake! We serendipitously met some friends of ours from Camarillo who now live in Pleasant Grove (President's brother's ward) who will be leaving in a couple of weeks for their mission to Mexico City! We are so happy for them!
On the way home, visiting another who just returned home this week!
We were about to leave to attend church in our daughter's ward (where her husband was just sustained as bishop two weeks ago), when we received a text message from the sister on the far right inviting us to this missionary's homecoming (far left next to his parents)! Yes, from on the stand, he looked very surprised to see us walk in!
My favorite picture of him while he was on his mission, with the new missionary he was training:
And at the homecoming, we met the new missionary's mother!
Of course our biggest draw to northern Utah is to be with our two daughters' families:
And especially our grandkids!
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Helping your children to learn and grow and what life and eternity is all about!

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