Saturday, January 13, 2018

1-2018 Ski Trip

President came up for a ski trip and while we were eating, a couple from Taiwan walked by and saw us from outside of Five Guys. We were so grateful they came inside to say Hello!
 Come to find out, she was the artist I had contacted in Taiwan to custom paint this beautiful fan for our family! If you're interested, she's brought her painting supplies to the U.S.! Find her on Facebook as Daisy Wang:)
 Our son-in-law's father snagged us a couple of tickets to the BYU basketball game! 
So great to see our missionaries there!

 This is what I go to BYU games for!
And I didn't come up to go skiing...I came up to see my grandbabies!

My brother came and visited me too:)))
 New favorite Korean restaurant: Myung Ga

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