Saturday, May 26, 2018

May Missionary Visits to Cali: When it Rains, it Pours!

On her way to Utah, one of our sister missionaries from Taipei came and spent a couple of days with us!
The Los Angeles Temple is a favorite place to take our visitors:)

 And they usually like to hit Hollywood's Walk of Fame. It was a pretty clear day to see the Hollywood sign. Much more impressive in person.
I took this pic for my grandson who loves Bumblebee!
Famous El Capitan Theatre:
 And TLC (former Gruaman's) Chinese Theatre:
 Fresh ground whole wheat waffles and farm fresh strawberries:
 If you're up for a hike, we'll take on Mugu Peak:

 Although I had cancelled my Skype session with TRC, they must have forgot and called anyway.
These two sisters are headed for Taichung in two weeks:)
They got a real treat being able to Skype with a native of Taiwan!
 And we got a real treat being able to 評估 with one of our missionaries who is now teaching at the MTC! 
This missionary landed an internship with Walt Disney Studios and is spending the summer in Burbank!
He was her district leader in Tanzi, and came by to visit us:)
 And another sister, on her way back from vacationing in Europe for a month, 
spent a night with us before driving back to Utah.

 And look who Skyped with us that evening! He's working in China, in Utah on business, and hopefully will return before the end of the year and visit us in California. We have our fingers crossed!
 Another companion stops by for lunch before our Taiwanese sister heads to Utah!
 Then two days later, we had the pleasure of reuniting with one of our Malaysian sisters. 
We found out two weeks ago while at a wedding that she would be visiting in LA!
She said she loved Mexican, so we took her to our favorite taco joint by the airport, Tito's Tacos:
 The clouds had set in but it was still a nice drive to Santa Barbara.
Mr. Pelican decided to pose with us...
 ..and show off his feathers, hahaha!
 The next morning, lo and behold, the clouds moved eastward
and it was too gorgeous to pass up another opportunity to hike Mugu Peak!
 It was so clear, you could see for miles!
 It was amazing! We could see Catalina Island (1) south of Long Beach, San Nicolas Island (2) that I never knew even existed, and the Channel Islands off the coast of Ventura.
That's a span of over 90 miles between Catalina and the Channel Islands!
 At Mugu rock:
 Squirrels love sunflower seeds!
 She had them eating right out of her hands:)
Come to Cali, stay and play!