Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12-10-13 Departures

Farewell Dinner at the Mission Home:

 This elder's favorite pie is pumpkin:) President's is chocolate banana cream!
 We will miss these missionaries SOOOOO much!
 One last goofy memory!
Taipei Temple Trip in the morning:
Taiwanese missionaries waiting to be released by their stake president:

Relatives saying goodbye to an American elder:
At the top of Taipei 101:
 Getting ready for Christmas at HOME!
These two missionaries came by Taipei 101 after their release (note absence of nametags).
That meant we could give them goodbye HUGS!!!

Bus arrives at Taoyuan International Airport:
 The long dreaded walk down Departure Hall:
 Christmas Season is here!
 Entering the point of no return. We will miss you SO MUCH!!!
APs reunited in America!!! Happy Day!!!

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