Monday, December 16, 2013

Brothers Practice for Christmas Program

When we arrived on island in July, I met two brothers who were both serving in the Taichung Taiwan Mission. Since then, the elder brother has been released (and I hear engaged!) and the younger brother is still serving. 
This elder on the left was here when we arrived, but his brother did not arrive until our third group of missionaries. I was there when they saw each other for the first time on the mission tour. Having combined three zones brought them together for a wonderful reunion! They gave each other big hugs and happy smiles! I wished I'd had my camera ready! We will be so blessed to hear them play a violin duet for us during the mission Christmas activity, Thursday, December 19.
In addition, we have an elder with a twin brother serving in Taibei, and as a sister with a twin serving in Taibei as well. Lastly, a sister with an older sister serving in Taibei. What blessed families!!!

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  1. Our son (an elder in your mission) also has a sister serving in the Taibei mission and it truly is a blessing! They are loving sharing this Taiwan mission experience and we have truly been blessed as a family by their service.