Sunday, February 23, 2014

2-23-13 Arrivals

After our mission-wide conference with Bishop and Sister Stevenson, we hurried off to the airport to send the Stevensons off to Hong Kong as well as pick up our new arriving missionaries! We had arrivals at two different terminals, so by the time everyone was gathered together, it was late!
 Bus ride back to Taichung:
We broke tradition and skipped the morning run, as it was 1:00am before anyone was able to hit the sack!
After a traditional Chinese breakfast in the mission home, while President started interviewing missionaries, Sister Blickenstaff gave them an introduction to her family. Orientation followed by the Financial Secretary, mission Office Secretary, Mission Recorder and Operations Manager, until their heads were filled to overflowing! Lunch break helped clear the fog:

 Our new local service missionaries joined us on their first day in the mission office:

Afternoon training included a health and safety presentation by Sister Blickenstaff, and an introduction to Taiwanese culture by the APs. The APs also instructed on contacting to prepare our new missionaries to hit the streets. But before that, dinner: 

 Brave souls taking on the duck brain challenge:

But not as brave as those willing to suck on a fish eyeball! 

After the feast, they were finally ready for their Dan Jones experience. Our missionaries gathered over 60 contacts in one evening! They were pumped to review the success of their evening:

 After a good night's rest, up early for calisthenics:
 Yoga stretches:
 Mountain climbers:
 Feels so great after a good workout!
In the last session of orientation, our new missionaries were joined by their trainers, who shared their testimony of PMG principles. Then President and Sister Blickenstaff introduced the 12-Week Training Program, along with stress management resources. Finally, red envelopes were presented to each new missionary to announce their trainer and first area! 
Immediately after this picture was taken, President and Sister Blickenstaff had to leave to catch a flight to Hong Kong for the semi-annual Mission Presidents' Seminar. Notwithstanding, the new missionaries and their trainers still made it to Hawaii 51 for a departing lunch and we have our trustworthy Operations Manager to thank for the photos:)

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  1. Thank you Sister Blickenstaff for all your time putting this together for all of us!