Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2014!

St. Patrick's Day is pretty special for us. Not only do we remember President's father, but we celebrate our oldest granddaughter Finley's birthday, who is three this year! She started her day with birthday Fruity Pebbles complete with a candle:)
I was really looking forward to having Finley by my side during her third year, to remember what it was like to have a three-year-old to cuddle and love, after losing our beloved Courtney in 2001. But Heavenly Father had other plans when He called us to serve in Taiwan.
Today I got hugs from these beautiful missionaries instead!
And this golden investigator's parents prepared a delicious dinner for us. 
He hadn't even heard of St. Patrick's Day but had the perfect sweater on!
How blessed we are to know that through the Plan of Salvation and the sealing power of priesthood ordinances in the temple, families can be together forever!

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