Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3-12-14 Taichung Zone Conference

Creative new missionary introductions:
Welcome, 歡迎!
Our first local missionary couple, serving in the mission office to afford our office elders more proselyting time. They are so excited to serve! We hope their experience will bring many more senior couples in local stakes to serve missions close to home:) 
President presents the Asia Area Vision, followed by his vision for the Taichung Mission:
APs train on Effective Morning Preparation:
President's counselor shares cultural insights, especially in preparation for April's Grave Sweeping tradition:
Greetings to celebrate second quarter birthdays:
Lunch break, thank goodness for Costco!

President shares insights on the Doctrine of Christ:
Searching the scriptures:

Concluding with the Mission Song:

Sharing musical talents:
The Taichung Zone at the Wuchuan chapel:

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