Tuesday, March 25, 2014

3-25-14 Gaoxiong East Zone Conference

New missionary introductions:
President presents the Asia Area vision, followed by his vision for the Taichung mission:
New Operations Manager in training, translating for us:
APs train on Early Morning Preparation:
President's first counselor helping missionaries to be safe and successful while contacting:
The counselor's son also helped us with translation, his wife helped us with lunch:
Celebrating April, May, and June birthdays:
Lunch break:

Cheese pizza and beans for our vegetarians:
Reflections are not easy!
This sweet sister said she is here in Taiwan because she is the luckiest person in the world:) She serves because she loves the Lord and has a testimony of His gospel, and she is happiest when she is serving the Lord and others. About 40 days before her mission release date, she decided she would dedicate every single day to the Lord. But then she asked herself, only 40 days? It was then that she decided she would dedicate every single day to the Lord for the rest of her life!
President shares insights on the Doctrine of Christ:
Missionaries search 2 Nephi 31, then share their insights:

APs demonstrate making a baptismal invitation:
Missionaries practice in companionships:

The Gaoxiong East Zone at the Yuanshan chapel:
President meets afterwards with district leaders:
Facebook district leader meets with Facebook missionaries:

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