Saturday, April 19, 2014

4-16-14 Departing Missionaries

With each transfer, we get to know our missionaries better, making it so much harder to say goodbye!
They are such stalwart leaders, having served faithfully until the end.
Our AP snuck into our home and planned a treasure hunt for us to remember him by.
Following the clues, we were led to the "treasure" hidden above our ceiling tiles. 
We truly will "treasure" this elder's game ball for a lifetime:)
Look for him this fall, kicking for BYU's football team!
We love seeing the missionaries off at the temple. 
We want to remember them in white, in a place where bonds of love extend through all eternity.
Our senior office couple will be departing in a few weeks as well. They have brought so much love into our mission. Over the past eighteen months, they have welcomed every single elder and sister upon their arrival to Taiwan, and served them faithfully.
It's always wonderful to be joined by recent converts and released Taichung missionaries!

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