Sunday, April 20, 2014

4-19-14 Monkey Mountain P-Day

We drove about one hour to Songboling Recreation Area in Nantou County with one object in mind: 
to find monkeys!
We were not disappointed, they were found! We saw a few Formosan Rock Macaques (monkeys) right away. Interesting fact: besides humans, Formosan Rock Macaques are the only native primates living in Taiwan.
Then the ranger brought the monkeys lunch, throwing out corn cobs, carrots, watermelon, apples...
they started coming out of the trees as soon as they could hear his scooter approaching!
They had a feast!

About the closest we could get!

 A mother caring for her young...
Definitely the smallest monkey I'd ever seen:
Let me check behind your ears!
 Companions caring for each other:
Setting a good example for our elders!
 Taking a rest break on a lounging stone:
NEWS FLASH: We have discovered a third breed of primates!
 A few of us climbed up the stairs to the top of the mountain:)
The next morning,  my quads were pretty sore and I could feel my calves trying to cramp on me. 
I was consoled after the elders told me they woke up and were dying!
Real coconut water - not the Sobe kind!
 Shoutian Temple:

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