Saturday, June 7, 2014

5-29-14 Teaching Students

After MLC, I walked back over to the chapel from the mission home and noticed a group of students lingering on the sidewalk. Inside the church building, I found our Dakeng sisters teaching English to another group of students. These young male students had an assignment from their high school to conduct an interview using English. Having seen the zone leaders close by, I grabbed them to come assist the sisters. Then noticed the students lingering outside walking towards the building. I welcomed them in and we had quite a large group of eager friends! They all had an opportunity to introduce themselves in English:
Taichung zone leader engaging them in conversation by asking who their hero was:
And then testifying about his hero, Jesus Christ.
All of us were able to share our testimony and with them why we came to serve a full-time mission.
Sharing a video:
Our new friends!

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