Wednesday, July 2, 2014

7-2-14 New Arriving Missionaries!

The flight was delayed, but they finally made it safely to the mission home from Taoyuan Internation Airport, 1:00am!
Introduction to the mission by President, his wife, and the APs: 
Breakfast bright and early:) Traditional Chinese shaobing youtiao ("oil stick" doughnut in a sesame-laced pocket bread), sweet soy milk, and tropical mango, papaya, pineapple, red & yellow watermelon, guava and dragon fruit! 
Introduction to the Mission Vision, Goals and Plans by President:
After an introduction to the Blickenstaff family by Sis. Blickenstaff and office procedures by the office elders and couple, they are ready for a dim sum lunch:

The afternoon was filled with more orientation: Health & Safety by Sis. Blickenstaff, Culture & Contacting by the APs. Then off to traditional banquet dinner, contacting en route:
Fish Eye Challenge bravery:

Duck Brain Challenge courage:

On to their Dan Jones Experience in the night market! 
Discussing the night's success and overcoming contacting fears:
After a good night's rest, up early for a mile run:
Buddha Claps:
And some P90X yoga:
Warrier One position:
Ending with a huddle:
Meet the Trainers Meeting:
APs and trainers testify of being Preach My Gospel missionaries. 
President introduces The First 12 Weeks training booklet.
Singing the mission song with their companions at the close of lunch at Hawaii 51:

Quick hug goodbye by MTC companions!
Our newest missionaries with their trainers before departing to their first area!


  1. Thank you for the great pictures! It is so nice to see my missionary arrive safely and receive such a warm welcome to Taiwan.
    -Christina Davis

    1. I had the privilege of teaching with your son today. He was awesome! His Chinese was excellent and he taught the lesson 50-50 with his companion. How amazing is that?!