Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 2014 Interviews

We love quarterly interviews! We get to spend a few minutes (it always goes so fast) with every missionary in our mission. I had the opportunity to follow up with each missionary on our zone conference instruction on Companionship Unity. I truly learned so much! I asked each missionary what they had learned from the experience of serving with a companion. Some of my favorite responses were:

All my senior companions were great! I never had a senior companionship that made me feel like a junior companion, she always treated me as an equal.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t accomplish everything, but when I have my companion next to me to support me, I can.

If we don’t have companionship unity, we have to rely on our own strength, which is nothing compared to the Lord's strength.

I love companions! It's the favorite part of my mission. Working with companions has helped me to know who Christ is, how He serves others and how He teaches.

I've learned about what kind of an eternal companion I want to marry!

After interviews, while President trained on the mission vision, I was busy updating Area Books with medical information. About halfway through our zones, I realized that I could take a photo of the missionaries as they assembled for training! So here they are:

Jiayi Zone, July 23

Tainan Zone, July 24
Some elders playing with my camera...tsk, tsk. 
Well, the one on the left brought me his favorite cake so he's forgiven!

Taizhong North Zone, July 30


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