Wednesday, November 19, 2014

11-19-14 New Arriving Missionaries!

Our long awaited missionaries have finally arrived!
APs lead the missionaries in the mission song:
President asks each missionaries to introduce themselves, where they were temporarily assigned to labor, what they learned, and what they hope to accomplish on their mission:
We love them so much already!
Breakfast at the mission home, after a short night's rest:

Morning orientation by Sis. Blickenstaff, Mission Recorder, Operations Manager (below):
Mission Secretary:
Financial Secretary:
Lunch at Wu Hua Ma:

After Sis. Blickenstaff's Health and Safety training,
a group of students came in from the street with the zone leader companionship!
AP's presented training on being Preach My Gospel missionaries...
...and contacting skills. Time to practice!

Peking Duck banquet:

Duck brain challenge takers:

Fish eye challenge takers:

After a longer night's rest, up and early for the mile run:

Sis. Blickenstaff leads the group in Buddha claps:
President leads in a few minutes of yoga:
After meeting their trainers, lunch at Hawaii 51:

Our newest Taiwan Taichung missionaries:


  1. Great news. We have a visa waiter (Elder Steele) waiting in California. He cannot wait to get to the Taiwan Taichung mission.

  2. Please let us know who the trainers are. I've been checking every few hours.

  3. It is such a blessing to see pictures of our son. He looks so very happy. Thank you for maintaining this blog.

  4. This mission blog is amazing! Thank you for taking the time to post pictures and include comments. Our son is one of the new missionaries, Elder Ryan Tatton. This blog is a tender mercy for sure!