Wednesday, November 19, 2014

11-19-14 Trainer Meeting in Jiayi

President training the newly selected trainers for our 21 oncoming missionaries:

 They'll meet their new companions in two days!
 Getting some drinks...
 …and lunch before returning to their areas.


  1. Sister Blickenstaff, thank you for all you do with this blog to keep us, the parents, up to date with what is happening with our missionaries. It means so much to be able to have a small window into the experiences our children are having. This is the third missionary we have sent out and the first time we have been able to keep up with what she is doing in some semblance of real time. She has been so excited to have the privilege to train one of the new sisters. She is eager to put into practice all the good examples given her by her trainer and former companions. It is exciting to be able to see the expressions on her face as she received her instruction. I'm also grateful to see her with her new trainee - to put a face on who she will be sharing the next few months' worth of experiences with. Most of all I'm grateful for the efforts that you, your husband, and the mission staff put into teaching these stripling warriors to be instruments in the Lord's hands. As I witness the transformation of my missionary, I am ever grateful to the Lord for the missionary program that blesses the lives of these young people as they strive to bless the lives of others.

  2. Sister Blickenstaff, random note here. I'm a Taichung RM from 2000-2001. I'll be in Taiwan tomorrow for the next four days. I am trying to locate some new members as well as a native companion who probably came from the Taipei area. I've been unsuccessful so far. Is there a mission office email address? Thanks. danduckworth@gmail