Monday, February 2, 2015

2-4-15 Departing Missionaries

Another group of valiant missionaries going home! 
Their life changing experiences will continue to bless them throughout their life.
 Last supper at the mission home:

 Farewell fireside:

 Dessert before their farewell video:
Bus ride to the temple:
Taipei Temple:
The family is so happy to pick up their missionary!
Her younger sister already has her call to serve in Australia!
We can still hope her brother comes to serve in Taichung when his time comes!
Coming to join this sister at the temple is the young man that introduced her to the Church four years ago.
"Are you Sis. Kang?" 
While my mother was serving in the Newport Beach Temple last month (waiting her Taiwan visa), 
she found out that this sister would be returning to Taiwan for Chinese New Years. 
My mother showed her a picture of me and hoped this sister would be able to meet us in Taichung. 
It was unlikely, as Taichung is several hours from her family in Taipei. 
How the temple is such a wonderful place to meet people, 
and bring a little bit of home all the way across the world to us!
And yet another example…this sister's father was one of President's former mission companions!
What a small world!

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