Friday, February 27, 2015

February 2015 Asia Area Interim Mission Presidents' Seminar - Taipei

There to welcome us at the Grand Hotel Taipei were Elder and Sister Gong:
 Taipei skyline at night:
 Asia Area Presidency, Mission Presidents and their wives:

The Mains from Singapore, our beloved Days from Taipei, the Sackleys from New Delhi India, 
the Seniors from Thailand, the Hawks from Hong Kong, and the Moons from Cambodia 
will conclude their missions this July. We will miss them so much!
Taipei in the morning:
 On our way to the devotional:
 Learning from President Day about the dedicatory prayer for Taiwan offered here on the grounds of
the Grand Hotel by Elder Mark E. Peterson on June 1, 1959.

 Instruction from our Asia Area Presidency and participating with other mission presidents is so inspiring! Seminar topics included Long-term Area Self-Reliance, Becoming a Full-Purpose Missionary,
Using the Training Model, Achieving Mission Standards, Language Development, and
Increasing Missionary Faith, Skills, and PMG Effectiveness.
 Enriching cultural experience at the National Palace Museum:
 Our training sessions during the day are also livened with some fun in the evening: photo scavenger hunt!
Our best selfie:
 Most interesting food (snails):
 Best smile:
 Lunch at Dongmen Restaurant, where President Blickenstaff and Sis. Gong went to eat during their
new missionary orientation in the 1970's. Still there and still great!

 Dinner at Texas Roadhouse Restaurant:
 I love to see the temple on my morning run from the hotel!
It was wonderful to be together in our temple with the Asia Area Presidency and
all the other mission presidents and their wives.
 Taipei 101:
 Our newest addition to the seminar this year: Baby Benson from the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission!

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