Tuesday, November 24, 2015

11-25-15 Departing Missionaries

Before returning home, our missionaries all interview with President and then attend a 
Career Workshop to help them prepare for the future:
Taiwanese and foreign missionaries get specialized training:
30 seconds to present their qualities to others!
Gathering in the mission home for their last supper!
Always the first to return for seconds:
As well as the last!
Fireside afterwards to share what they've learned on their mission and how it will help them be successful in the future...
as well as sharing their closing testimonies with each other.
Our Operations Manager always prepares a special departing video for them:
Departure to Taipei early in the morning:
To attend the Taipei Temple together:
Reunited with Mom and Dad!
Such sweet emotions!
Such an excited family to see their son, brother, cousin, friend, uncle...
Young Elder Stevenson wants to see if his cousin serving in the Taipei mission has grown while he's been away for two years:
While his father, Elder Stevenson of the Quorum of Seventy, meets another of our returning missionaries:
We see this elder's mother in the temple all the time, she serves as a temple worker!
We are so grateful to meet our missionaries' family members:

Our office couple will be departing next month:
They will be SO sorely missed!
Our departing missionaries with the Stevensons:
And with all their family and friends:
Such a treat to always see our previously returned missionaries at the temple!
Lunch afterwards with Taipei mission President Jergensen, their Elder Stevenson as well,
and both mission presidents' wives' parents!
Such a delightful lunch prepared by Sis. Jergensen:)

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