Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2-17-16 Departing Missionaries

Missionaries prepare to transition home by attending the Career Workshop. Without any of our wonderful senior couples to give the presentation, our new Mission Secretary did his best to help me out!
He did a great job, we're so thankful for his talents in the office and the wonderful support he's been.
 Missionaries present their elevator pitch, "Me in 30 Seconds!"
 After the workshop, missionaries gather in the mission home for their Last Supper:

 Evening fireside to discuss what they've learned on their mission and how it applies to their future...
 ...and to share a departing testimony.
 We love them so much!
 On the bus in the morning to the temple, President asks the missionaries three questions: 
1) What will you miss the most about your mission/Taiwan (aside from the people)? 
2) What was your favorite area and why? 
3) What will you do first when you get home?
 One last temple session together at the Taipei Temple:

 What an awesome welcome home banner for this Taiwanese sister missionary!
This sister is waiting her visa to the Oakland Mission, so wonderful to always see her serving at the temple!
 Former Taichung Mission President Kim and his wife:
 Love most to see our returned missionaries at the temple!
 Lunch together at temple patron housing:

 Touring Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall:

 Taking the MRT to the Taipei 101:
 Great missionaries make great selfies!

 My prince charming!
 Silly copycats!
 Love is what missionary service is all about!
 MRT to Shilin Night Market:
 A warm welcome for a Taiwanese returned missionary:
 So great to see him before leaving Taiwan:
 The Taipei experience:
 To die for spiral potato with Japanese salad dressing (top half) and chili pepper seasoning (bottom half):
 Now those are some colorful stilts!
 Parents of another Taiwanese sister coming to pick her up:)
 Returned missionaries attending Institute, love it!
 This sister's "grandmother" coming to say farewell:
 Departure bus to Taoyuan International Airport:
We love you all!!!

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