Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2-2-16 Zone Training Meeting, Taichung East Zone

Inviting the Spirit by opening with a hymn:
District Leader presenting progress of the district:
District leader participating despite being a few days post surgery.
President offers some counsel:
Zone Leaders present inspired training to establish SMART goals to hit mission standards
while following the 13 steps of planning as outlined in PMG:
                                           S = Specific goals
                                           M = Measureable goals
                                           A = Accountability to the mission president and the Lord
                                           R = Realistic goals – plan, be diligent, exercise faith
                                           T = Time-frame established to attain the goals you set
Conducting an abbreviated demonstration of weekly planning:
Sister Training Leaders train on AP's MLC invitations to use HTBT points to invite the Spirit during lessons:
Allowing missionaries practice opportunities:

Having missionaries examine their own level of commitment to their missionary purpose, 
from the perspective of a new missionary, one about half way through his mission, 
and another about to finish her service to the Lord:
Singing the mission song together:

Using her talents to serve:
The Taichung East Zone members:

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