Saturday, July 9, 2016

7-9-16 Open House at the Blickenstaff Backyard in Camarillo, California!

Our son-in-laws and elders helped a ton to set up tables and chairs in the backyard!
 K.O. Tacos put on a feast of street tacos featuring pollo, asada, and al pastor!

 Salsa bar, sour cream, guacamole, rice & beans:
 Finding shade under the apricot tree:
 We love meeting fiancees! 
 Our senior couple drove down from northern California!
 Our children gather under the patio cover:
 Tons of friends from our stake!

 Members bringing investigators:
 Neighbors in our ward:
 Long time friends:
 New bishop called while we were in Taiwan:

 This couple on the right just got back after two years in Beijing:

 Next door neighbors:
 My cousin from O.C.:
 Ruben did a fabulous job with the tacos!
 My grandson found my seminary props for a little sword fighting!


  1. Actually, we can't take that much credit - we didn't come from Utah, just from Sacramento, which is a LOT closer! :D

    Thanks for hosting such a nice party.

    Vic and Kyrstne Walker

    1. Yes, President reminded me, correction made:) We were without internet for SO long, we just got up and running this week! Everyone said it would be a big adjustment to come home, and it was! No phones, no bikes, no power, no internet, no television...and since we're still waiting on our shipment to clear customs, no pots, no pans, no toaster, no bread machine, and NO BED! But we have wonderful missionaries who come and visit us now, so NO WORRIES!