Thursday, December 22, 2016

12-20-16 Missionary Visits to Camarillo:)))

Coming down for a wedding in San Diego, we got a special visit from our missionaries! After lunch in our home, we headed out for a coastal hike. 
 The sun was just about to go down...
 It's a steep but beautiful hike. Signing the log at the top...
 Overlooking the Malibu coast:

 The sunset was the most beautiful we've seen since moving here over 25 years ago!

That night we took in a showing of Rogue One!
The next day, our missionaries picked up one more from Los Angeles airport and then headed for Hollywood. On the way, they were T-boned by an young Angelino turning left, leaving their car totaled:((( SO SAD!!! I hurried out to get them...
To make the best of waiting on the insurance company, I took them to see Hollywood at last:
While the tow truck was en route, we found a Taiwanese restaurant called ROC 
by the Beverly Center and got some pretty authentic beef noodle take out!
Thursday, we headed for the Los Angeles Temple and met yet another visiting missionary!
 Lunch at our favorite "after temple" Asian restaurant, Mr. Noodle:
 One reason it's our favorite is because it's right next door to our VERY FAVORITE 
amazing ice cream cookie sandwich parlor!
Pick two jumbo cookies and your favorite Dreyer's ice cream!
We are so boring, we order the same thing every single time:(((
For President, it's Chocolate Chocolate Chip Walnut with Mint Chip ice cream.
For me, it's Oatmeal Raisin with Butter Pecan.
What's YOURS?! We can't wait to take you there, so come visit us!!!

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