Tuesday, December 13, 2016

8-10-16 Departures

At the top of Taipei 101...looks like it was a clear day! 
 One of their last MRT rides for a while:
 Looks like they're departing bright and early for Taoyuan International Airport:
Checking in:

 Only a matter of hours now!

 Oh my gosh...what a surprise! After welcoming home their returned missionary, 
the family took a quick trip to California...to be present at his cousin's homecoming in 
Thousand Oaks (neighboring community to Camarillo)! We are so lucky!
That evening, we had planned to have dinner with our stake president and his close friends, whose son had been called to serve in Taichung. Even better than talking to a former mission president and wife...was talking to a missionary who had just returned from Taichung!
The Lord watches out for His missionaries!

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