Sunday, September 3, 2017

8-2017 Two Trips to Provo: 3 Weddings, a Baby Shower, an Adult Ballroom Dance Camp, and SOOOO Many Missionaries!

 When the wedding invitations came pouring in, there were so many in Utah Valley in August that we decided to attend as many as we could! This was a 2-for-1...two missionaries at one sealing!
Of course its always so nice to see their companions at the reception:
 Many of whom we hadn't seen since they've returned:
 Others we've been able to visit with last year:
 Another sealing the very next day!
 AP Companions:
 Being in Provo and at BYU makes it easy to run into missionaries:
 And even dear friends from Taiwan:
 Even in Maceys while grocery shopping!
 Hanging in the Cougareat helps:
 Great to see fathers and sons together:) Most recently returned from Taichung (and mainland China):
 Love the shirt, love the shirt!
 We love 'em, even sisters that served in Taipei! 
 The sister to my right just returned from two semesters in China, 
one semester spent studying and another working at an internship!
 This couple is on their way to Arkansas for their first real job!

 Mother and daughter:)
 Our missionaries make great EFY counselors!

 Well if we're going to attend temple sealings & wedding receptions, 
why not take in a BYU Adult Ballroom Dance Camp?
And guess whose idea it was???
 Our International Rumba class got golden seals cuz our dance instructor Jonathan Roberts (Dancing with the Stars) said in his 17 years with BYU Adult Ballroom Dance Camp, our was the first class to rotate partners perfectly on the first attempt!
 Our waltz performance:
 Our samba performance bow:
 Our amazing professional instructors:
 The Paramonovs are world champion dancers! They were amazing!
 One of President's favorite instructors with his Bachata T.A. Such talent and witty humor!
 This missionary came to watch her friend perform!
 This camp participant is uncle to one of our missionaries!
 Our second trip to Provo started with President spying a couple who couldn't stop kissing at LAX. Must be newlyweds!
 A highlight of this trip was attending our daughters baby shower!
 And of course, getting peach shakes at Taco Amigo! Have you tried them? 
They are BOMB...and only available one month out of the year!
 We try to visit our long time friend whenever we're south of Provo...
 Which happened to be the case attending this missionary's sealing!
A most wonderful surprise to see one of our missionary couples who were such a support to us,
 and gave their heart and soul to the mission.
 The photographer's husband is an older brother to one of our missionaries:
 So fun to run into other missionaries at the temple:
 And their wives!
Lots of mission companions and friends:
 Congratulations to this couple who were recently married too!
 Fresh back from the Nauvoo, this returned missionary still looks like Hyrum Smith,
the roles he's played in the pageant two years in a row!
 Gotta love 'em!

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