Saturday, September 30, 2017

9-29-17 Taichung Mission Reunion Time!

I found out several days before our reunion that several of our Taiwanese returned missionaries would be attending our reunion...several of which came specifically to attend General Conference!
Many are here studying English and in various degree programs. Enjoyed lunch with these sisters!
Such a blessing also to attend the sealing for this beautiful sister missionary of ours...
at the Salt Lake Temple!
And to meet her bridesmaids...former companions!
Having some fun outside the temple doors:)
Our Taiwanese sister missionary on the right has been studying in Cody, Wyoming.
We're looking forward to her sealing to another one of our Taichung missionaries next May!
We LOVE mission couples!
Grabbing a quick bite on the way to the meetinghouse to set up for the reunion.
JDawgs always gets my vote for best hot dog in the world!
A HUGE THANK YOU to my reunion set-up helpers!
First "family" to arrive! This sister grew up in Sis. Chao's (my mother) home stake, 
but I have to come to Utah to get to see her!
I found myself missing this missionary's twin, who served in the Taipei mission!
Married for over a year now!
Wow, new baby...cutest little boy!
Wow, so great to welcome this recently retired couple to our reunion!
They were one or our greatest missionary supporters in the Kaohsiung area!
These three sisters grew up together in the same ward in Taiwan! 
The two on the left both served in our mission and are here from Taiwan studying English:)
Their friend on the right served her mission in Hawaii and now lives here in Utah.
Great to meet our missionaries' wives!
Mother and daughter in Tainan!
Friends for life!


MTC companions:)

Wow, just home from her mission two days ago (second from the left) and surrounded by her mission friends:)
Sisters from the same generation:)

Just flew in this morning from Taiwan, and brought me gifts from our Taiwanese sisters!
Such sweet sisters:)

Newlyweds! One diligent hubby had to work tonight:(
More newlyweds:)

Father and son in Xinying:)

More newlyweds!

So great to hang out with these guys in Portland!
More mother/daughter missionaries!
Still newlyweds...coming up on one year!

These two married while we were in Taiwan...they're pros now!

Could not miss this photo op!
Two reunions with the same girlfriend...she's a keeper!

Beautiful blanket...thank you so much!

Selfie time:)
And a very special surprise from Hawaii!!!
Mother and daughter!

Having some fun!


Best of mission pals! Congrats to the sister on the left, expecting her first early next year!
What studs!
Too cool!

Mother and daughter! 
The sister on the right trained in our mission awaiting her visa to serve in Fresno, California!
Our wonderful family history couple!
They have so many friends from Taiwan!

Wifey is working:(
Father and son!

Also engaged, thanks to the sister on the right!

THANKS for coming all the way down from BYU-I, pushing through the heavy traffic, and be the last ones to make it to the reunion! It was great to see you all!
Thanks to all those who stayed behind to help clean up!
We love you and look forward to seeing you again in six months!

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