Monday, November 20, 2017

Fall 2017 Missionary Visits

We count it a very special privilege to have our missionaries from Taiwan pay us a visit!
 Seafood in America is not exactly as fresh as it is in Taiwan, but there are some good seafood restaurants, even in Camarillo!
What this missionary really wanted to do was to experience Halloween at Harry Potter World! Universal Studios did not disappoint!
 We took him to our grandkids' elementary school for their Halloween parade:
 There were a lot of Harry Potters, almost as many as there were stormtroopers (my grandson being one of them).
 Breakfast burritos at a local Mexican meat market:
Heading to LAX for a stop in San Francisco before flying back to Taiwan:
 In November, the Los Angeles Temple always hosts a devotional for temple workers. As we took our seats, a sweet sister recognized me from the blog and introduced herself as one of our missionaries' mother! Her son was still serving in the field. We were so happy to meet his parents!
 This missionary had an animation conference in LA so came over for the cheapest bed and breakfast in the vicinity! Our home is your home:)
We'll even entertain your spouse while you're off doing your thing!

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