Saturday, January 18, 2014

1-17-14 Arrival

If one day early wasn't unusual enough, two days late will top it off! This sweet sister has been waiting on a delayed visa. Language advanced, she left her MTC group early and had been serving in Los Angeles for five weeks. When her visa finally came through, she just missed leaving on the plane with the rest of the missionaries. President was asked if he wanted her sent to Taiwan as soon as possible, or wait six weeks until the next group of missionaries arrived. His answer: NOW! She is a gem and we're so grateful she's FINALLY IN TAIWAN!!!
Having been oriented to missionary life in Los Angeles, she got a brief on-on-one orientation to the Taichung Mission...
... after which her new companion picked her up and took her to her new area! 
She'll join the next group of new missionaries for all the orientation festivities:)

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