Saturday, January 11, 2014

Love Your Family Conference - Chiayi

January 11, 2014
All the senior couples of the mission started the day with lunch at Yi Xin Yuan Restaurant, overlooking Renyi Reservoir. Chiayi ZLs have been teaching family members who run the restaurant.

Our Chiayi senior couple were the keynote speakers in the Love Your Family conference, focusing on true principles that, when followed, will enable couples to nurture a happy family regardless of their background, culture, religion, generation, etc.
Some key points of focus included: loyalty and commitment in a marriage; spouses being equal partners in unity; loving, serving, and forgiving one another; seeing the good in each other; living within your means to avoid financial difficulties; continuing courtship after marriage; establishing your family upon the gospel of Jesus Christ. Excellent counsel for us all!
Over a third of the attendees were visitors:)
The Chiayi District working side by side with our missionaries to serve the community!
Preparing for Chinese New Year activity following:

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