Saturday, August 2, 2014

8-2-14 Bat Caves and Waterfalls!

Although we had been to the Bat Caves several times, we had never seen any bats, until...
Our office elders discovered a small dark whole at the mouth of the cave. 
We decided to explore with a couple of iPhone flashlights:

A peek to the outside world...
The bats flew through over our heads, through our arms and between our legs!
The end of the tunnel opened into an overgrowth of bush...
 overlooking the river…
that was impossible to cross in order to get back to our bikes:
So we had to go back through the tunnel, wading twice through the muddy waters. 
My lovely white Adidas socks were black!
At least we found the bats!
AND, last week we never found the waterfalls either. So the best part of the day was yet to come.
We finally found the trail head!
First we had to tackle going down the steep embankment.
Of course that only meant we would have to go back up later! 
Then tread over a million rocks:
But it was SO worth it!

Heading downhill towards home is so much easier and faster!

And the mango bing makes all the sweat worth every drop!

Mango season is to-DIE-for in Taiwan!!!